STOP Praying For More Dog Training Clients And Start Generating A Constant Stream Of New Customers Using Proven Marketing And Advertising Methods

Dear friend,

It was one of the most exciting days of my life…

I had finally taken the plunge – I had quit my job, took my meager (and I mean meager) savings and opened my dog training school. I was confident that my business would flourish. I knew in a short period of time my business would thrive because I had checked out the competition and to put it kindly… they were hacks!

Then An Amazing Thing Happened

You see, I thought it would just be a matter of time before people would be knocking down my doors to take advantage of my dog training skills. A few months went by and I remained positive. I knew that if I gave it just a little longer it would all change and the phone would be ringing off the hook. Two months turned into six months and still my business was just barely, and I mean barely, staying afloat.

Six months turned into a year and I was getting worried. I had already taken a third shift job as an animal control officer to pay the bills and put some food on the table. It was a grueling, stressful time, and I often thought about throwing in the towel.

Two Things Kept Me In Business…

One: My determination

Two: I discovered an all important business principle…

The Best Service Or Product Does Not Guarantee
Business Success…

Learning How To Market And Promote Your Business Does

After all… how many businesses are there that provide a good product or service but still go out of business everyday?

Many of them.

Now, before I go on…

Who Is This Guy And Why The Name
The Marketing Pit Bull?

My name is Eric Letendre, and I’ve been helping business owners for the past ten years. I got “real world” experience when I started my first dog training business in 1995. I’ve been in the trenches since then and have helped hundreds of business owners use effective marketing to turn their businesses around.

You see, everything in The Pit Bull Press Newsletter is from the actual experiences of either myself or my clients. Nothing is “theory”

I sold my bricks and mortar business in 2006 for a significant profit and began working exclusively online.

My online dog training business has an email list of nearly 70,000 subscribers, and that was built from scratch. Not a single penny was spent on advertising to build that list.

I know there are a lot of people that sell marketing stuff online, but how many actually can show results?

» Currently on YouTube, my videos have over

9 Million YouTube Views

» My email subscriber list is over 65,000 dog owners

65,000 Email Subscribers

» Over 5,000 Facebook likes


» Over 18,000 Twitter followers

Over 18,00 Twitter Followers

I share this with you – not so much to brag – but so that you can be inspired to do the same. If you are confused about social media and how to use it, with a little guidance, you can get the same results.

Here’s More…

In The Offline World, I Have Helped Clients
Produce Big Results:

Wes Murph with Cesar MilanThis is a picture of my client, Wes Murph of The Studly Pooch,
after he appeared on The Dog Whisperer.

Business is starting to pick up. Your “Hi Neighbor” letter is incredible. I’m getting a ton of calls on that one…

I don’t think there are words to describe how much you’ve helped. I’m big on results and my website speaks for itself. The feedback I’ve received on it (from family, friends and clients) has been amazing. Nothing is a magic bullet, but your website along with all the marketing & advertising tools are as close to magic as I can get. Also your prompt follow up and urge for completion is incredible. Thanks for your help.

Wes Murph – The Studly Pooch


A Common Problem Faced By Many Dog Trainers

Everyone in the dog training business faces the same problem.

It really is the biggest problem you have in your business and once you overcome it, your business life becomes much easier and you’ll have more peace of mind.

You probably already know what this problem is.

You need a steady stream of new clients to call and hire you for your dog training services or you go out of business – its as simple as that.

I have created a newsletter for people in the dog training business where I can show them my entire system for using multiple marketing methods to generate new clients.

This newsletter took over a year to develop, with in-depth money making strategies, that give you step-by-step instructions and examples. There is no guesswork on your part.

It’s the closest thing to having a marketing department for your dog training business.

However, this newsletter is for dog trainers that are serious about building their business and making more profits.

Most dog trainers know the old phrase:

“The Only Thing Two Dog Trainers Can Agree On
Is What The Third One Is Doing Wrong.”

This is NOT the place to argue training theories and philosophies.

This is the place to help you make more money in your dog training business.

Marketing a dog training business is a little more complicated today than it was a few years ago. Today you need to be able to use offline, traditional methods (direct mail, brochures, referrals, etc.) and online methods (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.).

The Pit Bull Press Newsletter covers both internet and offline marketing.

Here Is What You Get With The Pit Bull Press Newsletter…

When you subscribe today you are on your way to learning…

Online Marketing


  • A little-known way to use YouTube for local business – This technique can get your local business on Google’s first page
  • How I got 10 million video views – Follow a simple strategy to get people to watch your videos and pass them on to friends and family
  • How to make videos that compel people to check out your website
  • A “short cut” way to make useful, informative videos fast
  • 4 “no brainer” ways to get people to watch and respond to your videos
  • How to title your videos for maximum exposure on Google and other popular search engines
  • The 5-step formula you need to follow to make exceptional videos that get watched – 90% of the business videos on YouTube don’t follow these five steps
  • The right way to set up your description box on YouTube. Ignore this step and all your video marketing efforts could go down the drain.
  • And lots more…

Email Marketing

  • How to write effective subject lines that get your emails opened and read
  • How to write an entertaining and informative email newsletter
  • Four steps you must follow to make email marketing “pay off” for you
  • The best days and times to send out your emails
  • How to get maximum exposure for all of your email newsletters
  • A simple way to churn out constant ideas for your emails
  • And lots more…


  • How to find your competitor’s biggest fans and customers and how to get them to follow you
  • The BEST times during the day to tweet to get followers and responses to your posts
  • Confused about what to write in 140 words or less? Learn where to get FREE content to keep your followers interested in what you tweet about
  • How to use Twitter to promote your business without upsetting people
  • How to use Twitter even if you HATE Twitter – There are plenty of people that think Twitter is a waste of time but you can still use it to get customers and make money when you know how
  • Local Twitter List Building – Find people on Twitter within 50 miles of your location that are interested in your dog training services
  • Tweet Scheduling – Does the thought of sending out tweets all day long make you want to rip your hair out? You’ll discover a simple schedule that will maximize your efforts
  • The Marketing Pit Bull Tweet Automation System – I know you’re busy like me. I don’t have time and I DON’T want to sit at my desk “tweeting” 40 times a day. Discover a simple automated system that will automatically send out your messages, keeping you in front of a list of targeted followers interested in you and your business
  • And lots more…


Have a website but it’s not bringing in new business? Your website can be one of your most effective marketing tools if used correctly.

Unfortunately, most business owners spend big money paying a web developer to put up a website with no strategy on how to use it to get customers. Understanding the power of your website will bring an entirely new perspective to the internet and how to acquire new customers. As a newsletter subscriber you’ll learn:

  • The most important section your website needs – 80% of small business websites don’t take this one step
  • Why using flash on a website can make it difficult for anyone to find you
  • Six critical questions you need to ask yourself before you even begin to create your website
  • The one confusion that 95% of all new business owners have that significantly decreases their ability to make money with their website
  • Seven critical elements of a compelling, powerful, profit producing website
  • A unique 5-step method for getting your website found on the internet
  • And lots more…

Offline Marketing


  • How to develop a referral system that feeds your dog training business a constant stream of referrals from your friends, family and clients
  • How to get highly qualified referrals that are eager to do business with you
  • How to get your clients to harvest referrals for you from their customer base
  • The “farming vs. hunting” referral mindset – farming for referrals will produce business month after month, year after year. Hunting for referrals is hard, long and tedious with less results
  • Discover one of the best ways to develop referrals without ever having to ask for face to face referrals
  • The single biggest mistake to avoid when you are networking
  • And lots more…


  • Why nearly all small businesses have watered down, run-of-the-mill, boring newsletters – Newsletters that don’t get read and are thrown in the trash. Learn how to have your clients looking forward to receiving and responding to all of your newsletters
  • The key element to creating a compelling newsletter that gets people’s attention and forces them to take action
  • The single biggest mistake that dog trainers make when creating their own newsletter – avoid this mistake and watch your business profits skyrocket
  • An easy, simple step-by-step system that will help you churn out newsletters with ease
  • And lots more…

Direct Mail

  • How one dog groomer built his business using simple, low-cost postcards
  • Four reasons why you should drop what you’re doing right now and start using direct mail
  • A comprehensive checklist you’ll need to develop an effective, profitable direct mail piece
  • Three tricks to creating a compelling strategy that will get your mail opened and read
  • How to identify your reader’s problem in such a way that you will make them beg for your help training their dog

And a whole lot more including…

  • How to use all the different methods available to bring in new dog training clients every month and even…

A Dog Training Marketing Game Plan

I cannot guarantee any specific results.

But, the game plan will help you and show you what to do. Short of having me at your dog training business doing the marketing for you…

I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You To
Get More Clients Every Month

But hang on… we’re still not done.

When you subscribe today you also get:

Bonus #1: IMPACT Marketing eBook – My complete 16 chapter book, IMPACT Marketing. I have converted it to an eBook in order to give you instant access. Each chapter outlines a marketing technique that you can apply to your business, regardless of what product or service you offer. – A $23.99 Value

Bonus Gift #2: Free Publicity Report – There is nothing better than having your business appear in your local newspapers  - for free. Learn how to use Press Releases to get your business infront of thousands for zero dollars and watch your business grow. – A $29.99 Value

Could Your Dog Training Business Use
A Surge Of Cash Every Month?

Through the Pit Bull Press monthly marketing newsletter and the articles, videos, special reports, podcasts and workshops in the Pit Bull Press Back Room, you will learn how to implement every strategy, and more importantly, you’ll learn why each one works. Nothing here is opinion or theory. Every strategy, every method, every tool suggested has been tested and used by myself or one of my clients. Stop spending money on marketing and advertising that you can’t track.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

For a very limited time, The Pit Bull Press Newsletter subscription is only $27.00 per month and shipping is free no matter what country you live in. (Very soon the monthly subscription will rise to $47 per month – so take action now.) This newsletter is not digital and will arrive in your mailbox each moth.

You can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

Now is the time to choose if you want in.

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All the best in your dog training business,

Eric R. Letendre

Eric R. Letendre